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About CDI...
CDI Corporation, founded in 1950, is a global leader in engineering and technical support outsourcing solutions, project delivery, information technology outsourcing and specialized staffing solutions.

With approximately 16,600 employees worldwide, CDI Corporation offers the stability afforded by financial solidity. CDI and its franchisees operate more than 1,400 offices in 27 countries.

CDI Information Tools operates as a product R&D division of CDI Corporation.

CDI Information Tools
Our main goal at CDI Information Tools is to leverage leading edge technology to solve industry problems in an economical manner. Our main industry focuses are:

Military Vehicles
Our mobile military platforms are designed to perform in tough environments. CDI Information Tools understands that our military personnel need tools that are as rugged and tough as the vehicles they are maintaining. These rugged tools resist: drops, water, sun, dust, and changes in temperature and altitude.
Commercial Aircraft
CDI Information Tools has extensive knowledge of aerospace design, and understands the needs of a changing industry. Aircraft diagnostics, technical documentation, and data trending are just a few of the applications CDI Information Tools has developed for our FAA certified mobile platforms.
Law Enforcement
The demand for mobile information tools in the law enforcement community has been growing steadily for years, and only recently has technology advanced to a point where mobile computing is a reality. CDI Information Tools can put police data in the palm of an officer’s hand in a safe and secure manner.
CDI Information Tools understands that each of these industries has unique challenges associated with them, and that is why we offer a number of different platforms, operating systems and peripheral devices to solve them. By working along side the customer, CDI Information Tools provides a custom solution to fit each customer's exact needs.
Each of the platforms has been designed to withstand the harsh field conditions of everyday use, and has been designed with the user in mind. CDI Information Tools objectively evaluate every piece of technology from a human factors perspective before integrating it into one of our systems.
We are constantly researching and developing the latest advances in mobile technology, in an effort to create the best possible solution for our clients.
Let CDI Information Tools create a better solution for you.